Celine Dion leaps into action!


3-B Theatre - "We'll watch anything once!"

Adventures of Filmboy - Reviews of more mainstream fare.

The Agony Booth - "For the B-movie fan with a high pain threshold!"

And You Call Yourself A Scientist! - Funny and literate film reviews - another reason not to bother with OTF!

And You Thought It Was Safe! - Yet even more reviews of bad movies!

Attack Of The 50 Foot DVD - Reviews of - you guessed it - DVDs!

B. Fatt & Lazy Movie Reviews - If the guys at NOTC don't offend you, these guys will.

The B-Hive - "We watch more bad movies before ten than most people ever should."

B-Masters.org - "In thrilling astra-vision!"

B-Movie Central - "We've got more cheese than a Wisconsin dairy farm!"

The B-Movie Film Vault - "The next generation of B-Movie review websites."

B-Movies Quarterly - "The Magazine for Movie Geeks Like You."

B-Notes - Apostic runs a tight ship - lengthy, well-written film analysis.

Bad Cinema Diary - Film reviews in an easy-to-swallow capsule form.

Bad Movie Night - Tons of bad movie reviews, with writers spanning from around the globe.

The Bad Movie Report - Bad movie reviews.  A source of inspiration since OTF's conception.

Bad Movies Dot Net - Your b-movie news source!

Badmovies.org - Takes a unique approach to writing about video atrocities--also an excellent multimedia resource.

Braineater - "Not all these movies are guaranteed to actually eat your brain..."

Brotherhood Of Bad Movies - "If you can't handle the steak, get out of our kitchen..."

The Cavalcade Of Schlock - "Over 800 reviews of schlock! The crap! The brilliant! The brilliant crap!"

Chiller Cinema - "Where it's Halloween all year long!"

Cold Fusion Video Reviews - "Sci-Fi, Horror, and General Whoopass."

Dante's Inferno - Another great bad movie review site (and he saw The Clown at Midnight!).

Diary of a Tuber - Reviews of televised crap.

Dolemite.com - The definitive resource for all your Dolemite needs.

The Duck Speaks! - "From Source to Suck, Some of It's Here."

The Dungeon - "...reviewing some of the worst movies ever made!"   

Eccentric Cinema - "From schlock to the sublime, Eccentric Cinema has something for the Cult Film fan of every persuasion."

Film Threat - Show your support for independent film.

Friday Night Society - "FNS is a weekly get together where we, the staff behind the website, watch the worst movies we can find."

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - "To humbly provide write-ups of films of considerably lesser caliber or that go woefully unnoticed for being...well, too damn weird."

Horribly Entertaining Movies - Hilarious capsule reviews -- be sure to check out "How To Find a Bad Movie".

Horror Movies That Suck - Reviews horror movies (that suck).

The Illuminated Lantern - "Revealing the heart of Asian cinema."

Iniquity Films - "These misguided souls of cinema are the men whose works are herein examined, sometimes glorified, and sometimes condemned."

Jabootu - For when you would rather read the film as opposed to watching it.

The KO picture Show - "Reviewing the best (and worst) in Pugilistic Pictures!"

Metamovie.de - "A meta movie is a movie which transcends its descent: by chance, by design or - most likely - a mixture of both."

Monkeyhouse Lounge - "...your one stop shop for some mainstream cinema, a healthy dose of B-Movies..."

MonsterHunter - "Stalking the perfect beasts on video."

The Movie Informer - Your source for movie summaries, ratings, reviews and more (albino midget wrestling, I presume).

Moviesthatsuck.com - "Rippin' Hollywood a new one."

Mutant Orange - "...explores the bad, the bloody and the just plain bizarre in film."

The Netherworld - "Mexico´s first, best and only b-movie review site."

Night Of The Creeps - Consistently offensive (yet funny) film reviews -- the anally-PC need not bother.

Oh, The Humanity! - Not only one of the first movie review sites I've come across, but also one of the best.

Painfulcinema.com - "Bad film reviewed and reviled."

Prisonflicks.com - "Your source for reviews and discussion about women-in-prison movies, prison dramas, prison adventures, and post-apocalyptic action."

Radioactive Death - From Asian cinema to horror to Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Radioactive Death has a little something for everyone.

Revok Online - Specializes in hard-to-find films.

Rogue Cinema - "Covering the independent, cult, and low budget cinema scene."

The Rogue Reviewers - "The Rogue Reviewers are a select group of B-Movie review sites that are dedicated to bringing you reviews of some of the best...and worst B-Movies ever made."

Severen's World Of Really Awful Movies - "Scraping the bottom of the cinematic barrel since January 2002."

Sinister Cinema - Another good hard-to-find film resource.

Something Weird Video - And yet another good resource.

The Stinkers - The "People's Choice" of bad cinema -- funny, well-written stuff.

Stomp Tokyo - Our hosts.  Movie reviews that are simultaneously educational and entertaining.

The Stomp Tokyo Message Board - Be afraid.

Teleport City - Keith tackles film, music and other oddities with a great sense of style and humor.

This Is Sexy? - Reviews all your Skinemax favorites.  (Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.)

Trash Palace - Another great place to buy movies.

The Unknown Movies - Reviews all of your unknown favorites.  (Get it?  Unknown favorites?  Oh, nevermind.)

The Video Vault - One of the best video stores ever (unfortunately, the site really doesn't do their selection justice).

www.webhorror.com - Promotes "...good (and bad) horror and other movies along with horror in print, and horror in the arts."

Williamgirlder.com - "Though largely ignored by mainstream film buffs, and sorely under-appreciated by trash genre devotees, William Girdler remains one of Hollywood history's most prolific directors."




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