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  • This site, myself and Dr. Frankenstein yet live! Ken Begg continues his jihad against my sanity with this year's Secret Santa roundtable, and Frankenstein Island (1981). Posted 12/22/10
  • It's been a year. Guess I should write a review or something. It's Sting of Death (1965), a part of the the B-Masters 10th anniversary Stingathon 09. Posted 11/22/2009
  • The Living Dead. How apropos. I rise from the grave to participate in the Month of the Alternative Living Dead roundtable, with Blood of the Vampire (1958). Posted 11/30/2008
  • I STILL LIVE... I think. What the heck, have a review for the silent Danish SF flick A Trip to Mars, a part of the SSSSH! roundtable. Posted 8/31/2008
  • Hey --- you remember those B-Master Roundtables? I'm back enough to participate in the latest one - The Ottoman Empire Strikes Back, Subject: Turkish genre movies. My contribution? The Deathless Devil. Posted 2/29/08

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