Friday, May 16, 2008

Concessions Speech

Dave Stinton at The Simon ruminates about the food he's eaten in movie theaters, and along the way produces this gem about B-Fest and the fact that food is against the rules. It's probably the greatest unenforced rule ever.

Technically, you’re not supposed to bring food into the theatre. But this rule is a quaint little relic that brings wistful smiles to the faces of audience members laden down with coolers. “There’s no outside food allowed in this room,” the host will announce, yelling to be heard over the rustles of hundreds of bags of Doritos.

Read more about B-Fest and the rest of Stinton's Concessions Speech.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Godzilla Burger - eat it all and they'll name it after YOU


That's five pounds of burger plus extra fixin's, for $100 -- refundable if you eat it all in under an hour.

I wouldn't pay $100 just for the "privilege" of eating the burger, but I can see a group of friends chipping in to buy it for the entertainment value of watching their buddy contestant give it a try.

Learn more at the Phantom Gourmet.

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