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Making A Bad Movie:My Personal Nightmare

t was the 80's. We were younger then, and anything seemed possible. So it all seemed part of Destiny when my very first screenplay was bought and produced; fame and fortune was surely just around the corner. HA! Fat chance. For a couple of years afterwards, I told the sad tale to anyone who would listen - now it's your turn.

 Chapter One - Dark Genesis  Chapter Ten - The Movie Version I
 Chapter Two - The Plot Sickens  Chapter Eleven - Tricks of the Trade
 Chapter Three - No Noose is Good Noose Chapter Twelve - The Grossest Scene in the Whole Damn Movie
 Chapter Four - Enter the Director
Chapter Thirteen - The Writer's Version II
 Chapter Five - The Big (Demo) Reel Chapter Fourteen - The Movie Version II
Chapter Six - We'll Fix It in Pre-Production Chapter Fifteen - What You Didn't See
Chapter Seven - Just the FX, Ma'am Chapter Sixteen - The Art of Noise
Chapter Eight - Tales from the Set Chapter Seventeen - In the Aftermath
Chapter Nine - The Writer's Version I

Chapter Eighteen - Life After Forever Evil

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Red.Left, My own little thalidomide baby, Forever Evil.

Right, Red Mitchell, the star of Forever Evil, and one of my closest friends. Red died in a tragic car/train collision in 1994, soon after co-starring with Luke Perry and Stephen Baldwin in 8 Seconds. It's a poor memorial, but this section of The Bad Movie Report is dedicated to his memory.

THEN, as they say, things happened. J.C. Matalon, the head of makeup FX for Forever Evil, died of heart failure due to a congenital defect in December of JC Matalon and pal.1998. It's one of life's ironies that the man who was responsible for bringing to life all manner of monstrosities and atrocities was himself one of the kindest, gentlest creatures ever to walk the earth. His ashes were scattered over the California beaches near a wildlife rescue station, where he spent much of his free time working to save animals enmired by oil spills and other manmade disasters. Red would not mind sharing this section with him.

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