The Animated Short

Left: The view over Lumpy's shoulder as he starts the cartoon.
Right: The title card for the cartoon itself. Do you figure that's Wookiee writing, or Galactic Standard, or what?

Left: Chewbacca explores the lavatory facilities aboard the Millennium Falcon.
Right: R2D2 tries hard to not look like a fire hydrant.

Left: Luke and Solo watch Boba Fett escape via rocket pack.
Right: Boba Fett and the weapon he stole from Marvin the Martian.

More Boba Fett.

Left: Princess Leia and an alien (perhaps an early concept for the Calamari?).
Right: Jay Leno cameos as a stormtrooper.

Left: the brother/sister team of Luke & Leia.
Right: C-3PO is shocked to find R2-D2 downloading porn off the internet.

Left: Harrison Ford should probably sue for this particular rendering.
Right: What exactly is Chewie doing? Blowing in Han's ear? What?

Vader makes an animated appearance -- sort of.

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