The Cantina Scene with Bea Arthur

Left: That Ackmena, she runs a great little bar.
Right: A friendly word for you, no matter how ugly you are!

Left: She'll bring to your table just about anything...
Right: But may the Force be with you if she starts to sing!

Left: Krelman (Harvey Korman) is smitten with the (hrrrrumm!) beautiful Ackmena.
Right: Is that Old Kessel Spice you're wearing?

Left: Ever mindful that "Greedo" is dead, the writers introduce "Ludlow," who looks just like him.
Right: Apparently, he's not much better at paying his bar tab, though.

"Care to dance?" Ackmena and Ponda Baba (Walrusman) cut a rug.

Left: Ackmena has a drink with the Giant Rat. Don't remember a giant rat in Star Wars? Check out page 45 of Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays.
Right: As the bar clears out, Ackmena says good night to her bouncer, Tork.

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