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Apology Time

hanks to those of you who have written to point out that the front page of the site no longer bears a link to the Letters page(s). There was actually a reason for that. I've been trying to wrap my head around a way to make Reader Comments more accessible, without going through the drudgery of HTML-izing e-mail.

've been failing.

ne solution is to go ahead and learn PHP, and imitate Andrew Borntreger's method over at Taking time to learn another language, though, seems at odds with my goal of not taking more time. Nathan Shumate, at Cold Fusion Video Reviews, has a very nice message board setup, which nobody seems to use very much, primarily (I think) for the same reason the Stomp Tokyo Message Board is underemployed: both require registration. and Jabootu both have vibrant reader forums, again because they are so open. But both have, in recent memory, been home to what we refer to as "the late unpleasantness". I don't have the time or the wherewithal to be a NetCop, so I would likely opt for registration, too, which would just bring us back to the rather arid state of the current message board.

orst of all, while wrestling with this problem, the ever-thickening file of letters I was saving fell victim to some form of corruption. Anybody knowing how to repair a table of contents for a Eudora Pro file, let me know, because the loss of some of those letters - and their sender's addresses - hurt. Especially the one from El Santo, where he worked out a thoughtful alternate to the World's 100 Greatest Horror Movies. El, if you still have a copy of that, please send it again - I promise I'll be much more careful with it this time. (El did, and I am as good as my word - see my new experiment in Reader Commentary here).

till, time to worker harder, not smarter (did I get that right?), so it's time for everybody's favorite - yes, another poll. Punch in what you'd most like to see here at the BMR. And like Warren Beatty, I promise to do better. Unlike Warren, I might actually do it.

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