Stomp Tokyo Winter 1998 Film Series

Our sorta-weekly film festivals continue with the Winter 1998 Film Series. The group of folks participating has been shaken up somewhat, so each series will be a bit shorter, but there will still be plenty of films. Our theme this time: Early Hollwood Sex Symbols.

Rules for each entry:

1. If the film was made prior to 1970, it must contain a Hollywood sex symbol, male or female. Judgments as to who is or isn't a sex symbol are made by the theme originator, our friend Amy.

2. If the film was made in 1970 or later, it must contain an image or impersonator of an early Hollywood sex symbol as they appeared in their prime. No fat Elvises, aging Dorothy Lamours, or stuttering Jimmy Stewarts -- not that Jimmy Stewart was ever a sex symbol!

Here at the site, we'll be listing each film in turn as we see it (we don't know which film it will be until the night it shows), and we'll also be posting reviews of each film shortly thereafter.

Don't forget to check out the previous film series, which featured trains.

Update 4/14/98 - Added the review for Charade. This is the last film in the Winter 98 Film Series. Look for the Spring 98 Series, starting soon!

The Films

Date Shown Whose Pick Film Title Who's the sex symbol?
January 29, 1998 Amy The Shawshank Redemption Who's the sex symbol?
February 6, 1998 Tanya Rebel Without a Cause Who's the sex symbol?
February 26, 1998 Christina On The Town Who's the sex symbol?
March 5, 1998 Chris Stage Door Who's the sex symbol?
March 12, 1998 Scott Heavenly Creatures Who's the sex symbol?
March 26, 1998 Jyotika Charade Who's the sex symbol?

OK, who's the sex symbol?

The Shawshank Redemption

Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, and Raquel Welch all put in appearances as posters on Andy's cell wall.

Rebel Without a Cause

James Dean (who somehow got lumped in as a sex symbol with the likes of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe) stars in the granddaddy of teen exploitation flicks.

On The Town

Gene Kelly is the big name in this film, although we suppose Frank Sinatra counts too. Personally, we quite like Ann Miller.

Stage Door

Ann Miller is also in this film, but the real big names at the time were Kate Hepburn and Ginger Rogers.

Heavenly Creatures

Various images of Orson Welles appear in the film, along with the other Hollywood icons dubbed "The Saints."


Both Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn star in this murder mystery. 'Nuff said.

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