Stomp Tokyo Fall 1997 Film Series

Because we love watching films and sharing them with our friends, we decided to hold a series of movie sessions this fall with a group of friends. Our pals KT and Tanya gracefully agreed to host the series in their home, and each person in the group -- eight of us total -- gets to choose a movie to be shown. Each week a different person shows a film, but to keep things interesting, we agreed upon a theme that each movie must have.

For our inaugural series, that theme is trains. Therefore, every movie must either have the word 'train' in the title or a train must appear on screen. We've been fairly liberal in our definition of a train -- it must be a vehicle traveling on tracks or with multiple cars, but those who choose a film without a train are subject to severe ridicule.

Here at the site, we'll be listing each film in turn as we see it (we don't know which film it will be until the night it shows), and we'll also be posting reviews of each film shortly thereafter.

Update 1/18/98: The film series is complete, all reviews posted.

The Films

Date Shown Whose Pick Film Title Where's the train?
September 26, 1997 Tanya Silver Streak Where's the train?
October 3, 1997 KT Young Frankenstein Where's the train?
October 9, 1997 Scott Heroic Trio Where's the train?
October 16, 1997 Nicole Broken Arrow Where's the train?
October 30, 1997 Chris Horror Express Where's the train?
November 20, 1997 Christy Fried Green Tomatoes Where's the train?
December 4, 1997 Christina Laputa: Castle in the Sky Where's the train?
December 18, 1997 Amy White Christmas Where's the train?

OK, where's the train in this movie?

Silver Streak

The train is throughout the film. It serves as the main setting for the movie, and even goes barreling through a wall at the station.

Young Frankenstein

Young Dr. Frankenstein ("That's Frahn-ken-shteeen...") arrives at the family castle by train. He is met at the station by Igor ("It's Eye-gor."), who bids him to "walk this way."

Heroic Trio

In a rather obvious homage to Silver Streak, a runaway freight train goes crashing through a station wall. This is also the scene in which Number 9 demonstrates his guillotine-on-a-string, and Wonder Woman bounces a motorcycle from one side of the station to the other.

Broken Arrow

At the end of the film, the evil John Travolta character tries to spirit the stolen nuclear weapon away from the good Christian Slater character on a train. The obligatory top-of-the-train fight ensues.

Horror Express

Well, since the name of the film is Horror Express, you've probably figured out that the film takes place on the train. Watch for the bit where the baggage man promises a receipt to the Countess and she fails to collect it.

Fried Green Tomatoes

There are several train sequences in the film, but our favorite is the one in which Chris "Robin" O'Donnell gets flattened by a freight train. Why didn't Mr. Freeze think of that?

Laputa: Castle in the Sky

The train appears early in the film, when Pazu and Sheeta are escaping from the sky pirates. Then the army assault train shows up. And you thought this was a film for kids!

White Christmas

Our musical foursome hops a train to Vermont, singing about snow all the way.

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