The Fake Ears Gallery

The picture on the left is an African elephant -- notice the large ears. The picture on the left is an Asian elephant. In Tarzan the Ape Man Asian elephants wearing fake ears were used in all of the footage shot specifically for the movie, probably because Asian elephants are much easier to train than their African counterparts. (Pictures of elephants are from the National Zoo Website.)

On the left we see one of the elephants with fake ears. And just to show that he isn't alone, the picture on the right shows an entire herd.

More fake ears.

On the left, people use fake ears to climb up onto the backs of elephants. On the right, Jane stabilizes herself using a fake ear.

Tarzan has a special bond with fake-eared elephants.

On the right, if you look real close, you can see the band that holds the fake ears on the head of the elephant climbing out of the pit.

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