The Jor-El character is played by Dharmendra, a hugely popular actor in India. He was the lead in Sholay (1975).
The Pa Kent character is played by Ashok Kumar, perhaps best known for Kismet (1943).

Shekhar/Superman is probably Puneet Issar, a minor actor who mostly does gangster roles today.
Gita is probably played by Ranjeeta (Kour?). She's probably best known for Satte Pe Satta (1982). She doesn't seem to have done much work after that.

Shakti Kapoor plays Verma. This guy has been the villain in tons of films, including Kahani Kismet Ki (1973).
This is Jagdeep, and we hate him. We don't care what else he's been in, though we thought we spotted him in a small role in Sholay and a bigger one in China Gate (1998).

Bob (the white guy) is played by Bob Christo. Christo also played the white guy in Mr. India (1987).
The editor here is possibly Kimi Katkar.

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