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Glossary of Terms

Anime - A certain style of animation, originated in Japan. Also referred to as Japanimation.

Catalog Title - A video that is no longer featured as a new release. These titles generally have less expensive rental fees.

DVD - Digital Video Disc. An emerging standard in video players. Still too new to have saturated the market, but some stores do stock them. Compare to laserdiscs.

Direct to video - Films that bypass movie theaters and are released on video. Usually of questionable quality, but some are highly entertaining.

Genesis - The Sega Genesis video game system.16-bit video game console. Sometimes called just "Sega," but not to be confused with the Sega Saturn.

Hong Kong action - Films from Hong Kong that have started to gain popularity in the U.S., but are still somewhat difficult to find. One of the biggest distributors of such films is Tai Seng.

In Stock Guarantee - A guarantee made by the store that a popular release title will be in stock, usually backed up by a free rental coupon if the title is unavailable. Check individual stores for details.

Japanimation - see Anime.

Laserdisc - The older, larger format of digital storage for video. Preferred by collectors because films are usually presented in original widescreen format and there are often "extras" (director's commentary, trailers, documentaries, etc.) included. Compare to DVD.

NES - Nintendo Entertainment System. 8-bit video game console. Not carried by many stores now, has since been replaced by the SNES and Nintendo 64.

New Release - A video that has just been released to the rental market, usually less than 3 months ago. These titles usually have higher rental fees than older titles.

Nintendo 64 - 64 bit video game console. The latest in Nintendo's line of game machines. Compare to SNES and NES.

Playstation - Sony Playstation 32-bit video game console. One of the most popular video game formats in circulation. Sometimes called PSX or just "Sony."

Pre-viewed video - A video that was used as a rental tape, but is now for sale at a discount. Because stores don't often keep eight copies of an older movie on the shelf, former new releases often end up in the pre-viewed video bin.

Saturn - The Sega Saturn, a 32-bit video game console. Not to be confused with the Sega Genesis, since both are sometimes referred to merely as "Sega."

SNES - Super Nintendo Entertainment System. 16-bit video game console. Often referred to as "Super Nintendo." Compare to Nintendo (NES) and Nintendo 64.

Tai Seng - see Hong Kong action.

Top Renters - Older films that have a lasting popularity, such as Casablanca and Star Wars. While these are not new releases, stores with small collections of catalog titles are still likely to carry these videos.

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