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You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Widescreen!


As a video consumer today, you have more choices than ever. Tape? Laserdisc? DVD? Cable? And if the choice of media isn't enough, there are movies that come out on video in two formats: widescreen (or letterboxed) and full-screen (modified to fit your TV, or so they usually say.). While we are of the opinion that most widescreen presentations give the superior viewing experience, there are definitely some cases in which this is not true. We hope this page will help you understand the choice being given to you.

This is a letterboxed movie:

Face Off Example

Advantages of Letterboxing

This is a full screen movie:

Face Off Example

Advantages of Full-Screen

Side by Side Examples

We have put together galleries of screen captures comparing the full-screen versions of movies with their widescreen counterparts. We will comment on each one. In most cases, we owned the widescreen versions and rented the full-screen versions from a video store. Sometimes, the full-screen version was acquired from TV. (Before you look at these, you may want to read the notes below)


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