Stomp Tokyo Horror Special:
Back to School Slasher Flicks!

Ah, August. Time to start buyin' the new school shoes, getting the new school haircut, sharpening those pencils, and dying at the hands of a mysteriously crazed murderer bent on revenge.

There are an awful lot of these flicks set in high schools and colleges, aren't there? Well, just for you student types in the audience, we've collected all of our school-related horror reviews into one easy-to-peruse list, and we'll be adding a good number more over the course of the month. Enjoy!

The Addiction - Vampirism and grad school just don't mix.

Are You In The House Alone? - This is actually a tasteless rape-revenge film, but you'll see it in the horror section.

The Blair Witch Project - Heather would just die for some extra credit.

Bloody Birthday - Elementary school kids from hell.

Cutting Class - Brad Pitt gets a taste of the big time in his highly unimpressive feature film debut.

The Dorm that Dripped Blood - As opposed to other bodily fluids like normal dorms.

Embrace of the Vampire - We're supposed to believe that Alyssa Milano made it through high school with her virginity intact?

The Faculty - Harry Knowles as the janitor -- now that's scary!

Graduation Day - Turn another letter, Vanna. We dare you.

Halloween - Bow before this category's archetype. (The sequels have some relation to this category, but not much until...)

Halloween: H20 - This time Jamie Lee Curtis is the headmistress, but Michael is still chasing her around school grounds trying to kill her.

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II - Don't tell Mary Lou she's not Prom Queen -- she'll come back from the dead to kick your butt.

I'll Kill You, I'll Bury You, and I'll Spit On Your Grave, Too! - Students on a wildlife retreat meet bloody, pointless ends. Come to think of it, the whole movie is bloody pointless.

A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge - Freddy just loves those high school parties!

Prom Night - Jamie Lee just can't stay out of this category!

Prom Night III: The Last Kiss - If only the word "last" had applied to the word "sequel."

Prom Night IV: Deliver Us From Evil - This film makes us miss Mary Lou.

Pumpkinhead II: Blood WIngs - Man, those reincarnated monsters who come to exact revenge thirty years later are a bitch!

Slaughter High - It's no wonder Marty wants revenge -- he's stuck in a high school where all the students have been kept back through their thirties!

There's Nothing Out There - It was Scream before Scream. Sort of. They may have known about the conventions of horror movies, but they got all chopped up in the end anyway, didn't they?

Welcome to Spring Break - Who needs excuses for nudity when it's Spring Break?

When the Screaming Stops - Okay, maybe this is a technicality, but a lot of the action does take place at an all-girls school. For very sexy twenty-something girls.

Zombie High - Watch those Young Republicans carefully.

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