Of course really complicated and/or restricting costumes are a DragonCon tradition, along with elaborate role-playing. For example:


(Much like Lisa Simpson, she didn’t choose this costume for its mobility)

But there are some people who take it to a level even beyond that. On Saturday night there was a guy in doing the Captain Pike thing, in a support system wheel chair. You know the one, where Pike could only communicate by blinking a light, one for yes and two for no. Never mind that on the starships the garbage chutes could talk, apparently no one could figure out how to let Pike have, I dunno, two different colored lights. Anyway, this guy had a sign that said he would answer any question, so long as it was yes/no. I watched him for a while, and he steadfastly remained in character — until a strikingly beautiful woman in Edwardian get-up came up to talk to him, and he started talking in full sentences. Somewhere, Jean-Dominique Bauby shed a tear.

Would you talk to this woman?
(Not the woman from the story above, but you get the general idea.)