On Friday night my friends and I did our cosplay of Logan’s Run. Funny how no one wants to do Box or the crazy cat vagrant. Anyway, here’s a picture of that.

Logan's Run
(In descending order of nerdiness.)

We went down to the common area in the Marriott, and posed or a bunch of pictures, which is what you do in costume. As we were doing a lap of one of the lower levels we were accosted by a young woman dressed as… well, as I remember it she was female Jedi-type with reddish hair, which is usually Mara Jade, a character from the post-movie novels who eventually marries Luke Skywalker. She may have been Jaina Solo. Let’s assume she was Mara Jade. Mara Jade was very excited to see us. She was jumping up and down and yelling about how great our costumes were.

“Omigod omigod, those are so great! I can’t believe it!”

She was about three seconds from leaving a puddle on the carpet.

“Omigod, can I get a picture of you guys! Omigod you have the crystals! That’s so great!”

We posed, and her silent and more-than-vaguely embarrassed boyfriend (oh, how the con scene has changed since the 1980s!) took the picture.

But Mara Jade wasn’t done with the effusive praise yet.

“This is so great! This is so great! Omigod! My mother is going to love this picture!!!”

Fuck you, Mara Jade.