Yesterday I wrote a bit about the new Champ video, and I also linked to a Cryptomundo story about some particularly silly Ogopogo photos. Well, it appears that Loren Coleman got a little angry at me. I won’t bother to reply to his petty insults, I’m a little too old to be worried about stuff like that. I do like how Colemon does some pretty impressive windmilling away from the previous Ogopogo post. Now he agrees the photos probably show a windsurfer. Could be. I still see a kite, with the location of the boat and the lack of a wake. But I suspect Coleman has seen more and better quality photos from the series than I’ve seen, and I’m open to changing my mind with the addition of better evidence.

But kite or windsurfer, shouldn’t the point be that the photos don’t show a lake monster? And why did Coleman imply in his first post that these were actually Ogopogo, even if he didn’t explicitly say so? Coleman explains that just because he promotes something on his blog that doesn’t mean he thinks it’s true.

Duh, I didn’t know I had to say such things outloud, but just because I report news items here doesn’t mean I endorse the linkages that might appear in someone else’s cosmos. I must inquiry, does Hamilton feel that merely because the New York Times prints that the Carradine family says that maybe the Triads killed David Carradine that means the story’s writers are backing that theory? Seeing something at Cryptomundo does not mean that I have accepted new photographs released as an unknown named cryptozoological creature, or taken them as either factual or fiction, without further investigation and my specific statements on what I think.

Putting aside jokes about the Old Grey Lady, she ain’t what she used to be, let’s address this point. Coleman includes a link, but confusingly it’s to his own blog, and not the New York Times article he’s referencing. Searching, the closest article I find is this, which doesn’t say anything about Triads. But the overall point is that the New York Times made a determination that the FBI, being a federal agency, getting involved is newsworthy, no matter what the specific reason. Coleman’s posts are nowhere near this standard. Even if the NYT did mention what Carradine’s family believes, it would be in the larger context of the story about the FBI investigation. The NYT didn’t just print a rumor under the headline “Carradine Killed by Tongs.” (Or even better, “Carradine Killed by Aztec Ninjas.” I’d totally go see that movie.)

That’s why Coleman’s claims that he’s “just reporting” fall so short. He didn’t bother to vet the Ogopogo kite photos, or maybe he doesn’t care. He’s free to post the pictures if he wants, but he needs to realize that if he prints photos of a kite under the headline “Exclusive: Ogopogo Photos Released” I’m equally free to laugh and laugh and laugh and write about how funny I think it is.

More seriously, I’d ask Coleman: What does publishing pictures of a kite or movies of a deer do to advance the study of cryptozoology? All those posts proved is that there are a lot of gullible people out there. And maybe that what crashed at Roswell was really a Project Mogul Ogopogo.