The cryptozoological world is aflutter about new video of the alleged monster in Lake Champlain. Loren Coleman of Crytomundo fame is positively gloating, and why shouldn’t he? Most of the time he makes a claim about some cryptid all he can point at are widely diverse eyewitness reports and pictures that could be of anything. Hell, recently he mistook a kite for Ogopogo. But in this case the film clearly shows some sort of animal, so it’s much better than the usual cryptozoological evidence.

Sadly for the cryptozoologists, the animal is almost certainly a deer. The deer is walking along the bottom at the beginning of the clip, and as it gets deeper you can see it struggling to keep its head above water. Not behavior we’d expect from an aquatic animal. Unmentioned even in the good skeptical analyses I’ve seen of this clip, cell phone cameras tend to make objects look much farther away than they really are (a combination of a wide angle lens and low resolution, I think, but I’m not an expert on camera optics), so I suspect the deer started out quite close to the guy who recorded it, so he’s probably fibbing in his description when he says he didn’t know what it was.