First of all, because The Amazing Race often gets pushed back due to football I’ve been getting some of 60 Minutes on my DVR. What is the average age of the correspondents on that show anyway, 75? Seriously, someone needs to figure that out. Also, I love how they still use the technique of closing in on the faces of the bad people they’re interviewing so we can see all the sweat on their faces, while keeping well back from authorities and victims. You just know that they put the lights closer to the bad people too.

On to The Amazing Race 12. Do you think we’ll ever get season where some contestant doesn’t state, with apparent amazement, that “No one in this country speaks English!”


As much as I like Roger and Christina individually, collectively I really wish they’d get eliminated and returned to whatever Amy Tan novel they escaped from.


Some quick advice: If you’re going to call another team, like Kynt and Vyxsen above, some derogatory name like “the freaks,” you’d better be sure you can finish ahead of them or else you are the jerks who can’t even beat “the freaks.” (In defense of the most of the contestants this season, they mostly called them “the pink team.”)