And the New Joker is... Heath Ledger

That's what Warner Bros. announced today, along with the fact that Christopher Nolan will be back to direct. I'm not sure how Ledger will play the role, but I assume Nolan must have seen something good in his audition. It's not like Ledger was cast because he's a huge box office draw.

What kills me is that it took WB a whole year to figure out that it would be a good idea to make another Batman film. Batman Begins had tons of potential, even if wasn't a mega-blockbuster. The fact that Warner Brothers is part of the Time Warner media conglomerate, which owns DC Comics, was supposed to mean that that will-o-the-wisp of modern corporate culture, "synergy," was supposed make it easy for the movie studio to capitalize on some of the greatest super heroes ever created. (And Aquaman.) Instead WB has constantly been one or two steps behind whatever studios Marvel has decided to partner with. Even Marvel's crappier movies, like Elektra (2005), look good compared to Catwoman (2004).

Posted: Tue - August 1, 2006 at