Pajama Tops

Pajama TopsActually, this title is so obscure I was unable to find it in the Internet Movie Database. I have, however, determined that it was released in 1984.

The text on the video box reads:

Just who has been sleeping with whom?

Taped live at the Music Hall Theatre in Toronto, PAJAMA TOPS is an update of the classic French bedroom farce that's enjoyed worldwide popularity. This raucous comedy centers around a French businessman, Georges Chavinet, who's been carrying on an extramarital affair under the guise of "business trips" to see "Jacque Latouche." But when his wife invites the "Latouches" to come spend the weekend at the Chauvinets, it seems Georges' philandering days are over -- or are they? With one zany scene after another, the melange of characters embark on an escapade of deceit, identity switcharoos, and naughty fun -- all of which culminates in a very unsuspected ending.

Scenes of note:

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