Mother Goose Rock n Rhyme

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This is an odd little production, and I haven't watched all of it yet. Pia plays Little Miss Muffet, and has a good time feeding curds and whey (Mmmmmmm... curds....) to her guests. She is a little heavy on the cleavage for a nursery rhyme character, but you won't get any complaints from me. No sir.

I'm guessing that Pia appeared in Mother Goose Rock n Rhyme at the request of Shelly Duvall, who seems to be in charge of the production. There certainly a lot of celebrities hanging out here. The members of ZZ Top show up as the Three Men in a Tub, Debbie Harry stops in for a bit, and Little Richard probably did it as a condition of some parole or another. Just kidding, Richie.

Memorable lines:

  • "You have to think... to shrink!"

  • "Way too much whey? No way!"

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  • Pia/Miss Muffet greets her guests