The Lonely Lady

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Lonely Lady The Lonely Lady is quite possibly the worst film ever made. It stars Zadora as Jerilee Randall, a young writer who must essentially prostitute herself in order to have her work published and produced. Based on a Harold Robbins novel, this movie is the absolute nadir of Zadora's screen career. Because of the high-profile nature of this film, even Voyage of the Rock Aliens couldn't compare in the amount of bad publicity it garnered its star.

Scenes of note:

  • Ray Liotta's screen debut, in which he molests Zadora with a garden hose
  • Multiple pointless scenes involving casual sex and drug use
  • In the film's final scene, Zadora's character exposes the fact that she had to "f--- my way to the top."


In 1984, The Lonely Lady was nominated for a record 11 Golden Raspberry Awards, aka the Razzies. In 1990, it was nominated as the Worst Picture of the Decade. Below are the nominations it received. A (W) indicates that it won in that category.

  • Worst Actress - Pia Zadora (W)
  • Worst Actor - Lloyd Bochner
  • Worst Director - Peter Sasdy (W)
  • Worst Musical Score (W)
  • Worst Original Song "The Way You Do It" (W)
  • Worst Original Song "The Lonely Lady"
  • Worst Picture (W)
  • Worst Screenplay (W)
  • Worst Supporting Actor - Joseph Cali
  • Worst Supporting Actor - Anthony Holland
  • Worst Supporting Actress - Bibi Besch

In 1996, that record was broken by Showgirls, which was nominated in one category as "Worst Remake" -- of The Lonely Lady.

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