Fake Out
aka Nevada Heat

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Sensational Pia Zadora stars as an up-and-coming nightclub singer in this tough action thriller. Under pressure to testify against her gangland lover, she finds herself trapped between the cops and the mob. But what starts as a pact of love and loyalty soon twists into a tale of double cross and corruption that ends in a heart-stopping series of daredevil car chases across the glittering "Sin City" of Las Vegas. Telly Savalas is the tough trenchcoated cop who protects her, Desi Arnaz Jr his partner who falls for the glamour of Pia Zadora.

Scenes of note:

  • The opening number, in which Pia's dress doesn't fall quite right. She's wearing a flesh-colored body suit underneath, but when the skirt kind of flails around like that, there isn't much left to the imagination. Then BAM! she's arrested by Telly Savalas.
  • The first 15 minutes or so make up a women-in-prison film in which Pia goes to jail for refusing to testify against her mafioso boyfriend. Dig the screen caps below for her scenes as an aerobics instructor while in the joint, and of course the inevitable "shower encounter."
  • Pia's character Bobbie has an interesting way of playing blackjack -- she "mentally controls the cards," which means she rubs them around on the table, wasting everyone's time and reciting "black... jack... black... jack..." before turning them over.
  • Lots of pseudo-nudity in this one. Bobbie accosts her cop protector in the buff (we don't see anything) and spends a lot of time in the bubble bath.
  • The bit where the assassins trying to kill Bobbie sneak up on the hideout houseboat -- in a paddleboat!

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