A huge debt of gratitude to David Bruce for the discography information. Most of Pia's albums are currently out of print and I have no order information for them. I suggest you ask your local independent record store to do a search for you or check eBay for current auctions on Pia Zadora memorabilia. Please don't send me mail asking where you can find these records -- I don't know! Pia's American Songbook Video is available for purchase through this site.

    I Am What I Am
  • Pia (debut) - Elektra #E1-60109 (US) - 1982 (vinyl LP) currently out of print

  • Butterfly (soundtrack) - Laserlight #12-917 (US) - early 80's/originally released; 1997/current reissue (CD) performs 1 song - see related movie

  • Let's Dance Tonight (released as "When the Rain Begins To Fall" in the US on LP & cassette only) - Curb #INT-847-716 (Germany) - 1984 (CD) out of print

  • Voyage of the Rock Aliens (soundtrack) - Curb #INT-847-715 (Germany) - 1984 (CD) performs on 3 songs; 2 are duets; out of print


  • Pia & Phil w/ The London Philharmonic Orchestra - CBS #ZK-40259 (US) - 1985 (CD) out of print

  • I Am What I Am - CBS Associated #ZK-40533 (US) - 1986 (CD) out of print

  • Pia Zadora's American Songbook - CBS/Fox #5250 - 1987 (video) while not actually a 'recording' it is a musical performance; currently available - click here for purchase information

  • When the Lights Go Out - Epic #460983-2 (UK only) - 1988 (CD) out of print

  • Pia Today! - P.Z. Inc. no cat. # (US promo) - 1988 (CD) promo only

  • Pia Z. - CBS Associated #ZK-45273 (US) - 1989 (CD) out of print