November 23, 1998

BeaAlthough it was originally my idea to sample random sites this week, a theme slapped me in the face and I thought it best to run with the idea. I stumbled upon the Bea Arthur Home Page (motto: "Bea Arthur, Be Naked") and thought to myself: This is too priceless. I should search out other Beas, or bees, or things that start with B. So I did.

To return to the Bea Arthur page for a moment, these people take fandom to new lows with some frightening Bea Arthur t-shirts they sell. Or pick up a Be Naked bumper sticker. Or don't. But you can read an interview with Bea or sample the sound archives (theme song from "Maude," anyone?). All in all, an endearing waste of time.

Spanish BeeSpeaking of endearing wastes of time, I just love watching The Simpsons. How fortunate that they have their own Bee -- The Spanish (or is it Mexican?) Bee, who wanders on screen to say things like "Ay, no es bueno!" Like every other character on the Simpsons, the Spanish Bee has his own web page to explain just how he has "worked his way from cheap Spanish dramas and into our hearts." Awww. Aren't web authors cute?

For information on those bees who don't speak Spanish, buzz over to Beekeeping: The Beekeeper's Home Page. There you'll find everything you need to know about bees, honey, and the art of beekeeping, including (bee-lieve it or not) software for beekeepers. The page is hosted by some very patient people in Calgary, Alberta, Canada who patiently answer the same question ("How do I kill these bees in my house?") with a gentle answer: This is a site for the appreciation and nourishment of bees, not their extermination.

They are, however, quick to point out the differences between bees and wasps:

Then there are the wasps - which include the familiar yellow jacket. I know we are supposed to love all God's little creatures, and I'm sure that these little folks play some important role in our environment, but I am not fond of most of the members of the wasp family. I find that they tend to be aggressive and they don't make honey. If you are being bothered by wasps, call an exterminator, not a beekeeper!

Bee GeesOur final stop on the tour of B sites is the most frightening of all: the Bee Gees Wind of Change site. Yes, those Brothers Gibb have a fan base that is alive and well and active on the web. Peruse photos of the Bee Gees' recent concerts (they toured in 1997) or read "the Top Ten warning signs that you're obsessed with the Bee Gees" (I find number 4 to be particularly appalling). Still, if there has to be a web site dedicated to the Bee Gees, it might as well be as thorough and attractive as this one.

I don't have a theme planned for the next column, but somehow they seem to plan themselves. Have a good Thanksgiving, and send me some turkey if you get the chance.

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