Thursday, November 08, 2007

Weird Wednesday: Carnival Magic

carnival magic

So last night I went to the first-ever Weird Wednesday at the new Alamo Drafthouse Ritz location because I figured that if ever they were going to show a special, special movie designed for maximum audience pain, this would be the time. I wasn't wrong.

Carnival Magic is an über-rare kids movie directed by Al Adamson. Yes, that Al Adamson: the man who brought us such fine films as Dracula vs. Frankenstein, Black Samurai, and Blazing Stewardesses.

If you're thinking to yourself "this is not a man who should be directing anything for kids," you win a gold star. It was disturbing. It was horrifying. It was very, very wrong.

But most of all, it was fascinating.

I know I just went on sabbatical from the site and all, but this movie makes me want to write a review.

Many thanks to Lars and Zack for the damaging, damaging memories.

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