Monday, October 08, 2007

Critical Condition compilation of '80s video cover art

80s video cover art

Back when Scott and I started Stomp Tokyo in 1996, VHS was enjoying its last days of glory. Most of the stuff we watched came from a single mom-n-pop video rental shop that had thousands of dusty VHS tapes with wonderful covers like these. Those days are gone but I still have a shelf of VHS tapes waiting to be transferred to DVD-R. Once I do that I'll have to donate them or consign them to the trash heap in order to stay married, but I'll probably hold on to one or two best examples of the form just as a testament to the heyday of VHS home video.

Wander on over to Critical Condition's amazing archive of '80s box art and learn more than you ever wanted to know about video companies of yesteryear.

[Thanks to tablesaw safety at the BMMB.]



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