Saturday, October 08, 2005

Fantastic Fest report #4: Night of the Living Dorks, Wolf Creek

I haven't linked to the Fantastic Fest site in a few entries, so here it is in case you're too lazy to type

Night of the Living Dorks

Seeing Night of the Living Dorks in its entirety was very much worth it. I think even Christina enjoyed the film for its Buffy-esque comedy when she wasn't directing her gaze elsewhere in protest of the gore effects, which are used mostly for laughs. I thought the film might not carry after the lead-ins (the notorious short Forklift Driver Klaus and trailers for both Return of the Living Dead and Evil Dead 2), but it held up remarkably well.

Wolf Creek is quite a contrast to Dorks. Feeling a bit run down after a day of movies I foolishly ordered a cup of coffee at the film's start, but I got enough of an adrenaline rush from the film's scarier moments that the coffee's main consequence was the need to visit the restroom as soon as the end credits rolled. The picture is a highly effective slasher flick that follows some time-worn paths and threatens to buck the trend of idiot plots until the last twenty minutes or so. Then the picture is felled by a single "why would you do that?" moment, at which point it lost me.

I feel like I've been through quite the festival experience already but tomorrow is the first full weekend day and kicks off with the new extended edition of Sin City. I didn't particularly enjoy the "short" version of the film but I'll give this cut a chance. We'll see.


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