Saturday, September 17, 2005

Nintendo unveils Revolution-ary new controller

Nintendo Revolution controllerNintendo has long been known for standing video game concepts on their heads. True, these wild new concepts aren't always successful (witness the unfortunate Virtual Boy), but while Sony splatters the landscape with mediocre games punctuated by occasional hits, Nintendo takes risks and pushes the industry forward.

So it is with the new (as-yet unreleased) Nintendo Revolution game console which, according to Nintendo's recent announcement, will feature wireless controllers that can be operated by waving them through the air with one hand. I'm a little concerned whether these will actually work very well; wireless controllers in general have been spotty, especially when combined with motion-sensing technology. There's no question that Nintendo's Wavebird controller for the Gamecube is by far the best-working wireless controller on the market (I have yet to find one that works reliably for any other system), but can they really create a motion-sensing controller that works as the standard method of operation for all the games made for the Revolution? Looks like we're going to find out, kids.

Read MTV's coverage of the Nintendo press conference at the Tokyo Game Show.


Blogger Scott said...

Logitech's wireless controller for the PS2 is as good as the Wavebird, if even more expensive. It's also basically the same shape, which is good. I hate the standard DualShock controller.

4:28 PM  

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