The Bad Movie Report


Saith Greywizard:

"Actually, it was recreations of Viet Nam violence in the leafy glens of Canada! This was one of the first movies the Canadian government subsidized (back in the days when they would subsidize the kinds of movies people would be more inclined to watch). It was a co-production with the American Bing Crosby Pictures company, and it raised some controversy when it was revealed B.C.P. had ripped off the Canadian producers and the Canadian government by having accountants hide any profits, meaning no one in the Great White North got a dime out of any money it made in the U.S.

What is.....?I happen to have a copy of Explosion that I bought cheap from a video store getting rid of its older videos. It's a pretty bad movie, not helped by the fact the last renter had accidently (?) taped Gulf War news footage over a minute of it, and screwing with the sound for a minute elsewhere in the movie. On second though, this messing with the movie may have actually improved it.

By the way..."The Rubber Gun" is also a Canadian film.

So what is The Rubber Gun? Aaaagh!

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