The Bad Movie Report

Naturally, somebody would prove me wrong. Rick Stump, to be exact:

"...regarding the use of a crucifix to ward of the Aztec Mummy - this is pretty square with Catholic theology. The underlying reason that vampires shy away from crucifixes is not fear, but the power of God manifest in the crucifix by the faith and actions of the believer (I could go into sacramentals life holy water, chrism oil, etc. - but I won't). Since the mummy is animated by the power of the Aztec priests, i.e., sorcery, the power of the Lord would be inimical to its nature, whether the Conquistadors had arrived before the mummification or not - thus, the crucifix would ward the mummy."

Sink me for a protestant, but Rick is right, and I am wrong - and you should close this window to return to the review.