The Bad Movie Report

A rampage just waiting to happen!Do not get me started on Chilly Willy. Walter Lantz' characters tend to frighten me more than anything else. Woody Woodpecker - not his relatively harmless but nonetheless annoying TV persona, but the original theatrical cartoons - is like some amoral trickster god sent to punish humanity (represented by the Walrus), who is usually just trying to do his job, or have a quiet evening at home. Only to have his life shattered by a disagreeable sociopath who always resorts to violence.

But Chilly Willy! Chilly Willy is a stone psycho, man!!!! I came to this chilling (no pun intended) realization when I saw Willy glue some poor schmuck - probably the Walrus - to a wood floor, then set a portable circular saw on the floor, switched it on, and watched it cut its way across the floor, to his struggling, helpless victim! My GOD! my mind shrieked, If this was playing out on a movie screen with live actors, the MPAA would insist on the scene being cut!

So don't get me started about Chilly Willy, man. I ain't turnin' my back on that freakshow.

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